Well-known Expert of multiple techniques of 
acupuncture and  Tuina massage

Dr. Ye Li is originally from Beijing. After graduating from Clinical Medicine, she became a physician and pediatrician. She later learned TCM, and became a integrative medicine doctor. Because of her outstanding performance, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, many medias, including the prominent state owned Xinhua News, CCTV, China Daily, People’s Daily etc., interviewed and made reports about her. She was among the few doctors that were permitted by the government to tend the VIP patients. In 1992, she settled in Malaysia for more than 20 years. From then on, she had been practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine minimally invasive techniques.

Over years, she has studied from many famous TCM doctors. Her persistent pursuing of the profession has made her a master of applying acupuncture, 鈹針, Acupotomy ,撥針、Sharp-round needle,Subcutaneous  Acupuncture,芒針 and silver needle  to treat various situations. In Malaysia and Singapore, she is also highly regarded in treating liver and kidney diseases as well as diabetes with traditional medicines. 
Dr. Li’s lectures are widely enjoyed. The content of her lecture is always practical based on her many years of clinical experience. 
Acupuncture clinical points verify and point determination is one of the basic skills acupuncturists should master, and it can also well be the weak point among current acupuncturists. If clinical acupuncturists do a good job of selecting and verify points and point determination
 , they will have a good idea and which will greatly improve the effect of their treatment.