The Third International Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Medicine Conference

The Third International Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Medicine Conference

Canadian Institute of Holistic Medicine, CICAMR

Focusing on Difficult and Complicated Diseases, Paying Attention to Clinical Practice, Carrying forward National Essence and Inheriting Traditional Chinese Medicine, 24-25 August 2019, The Third International Congress of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine will be held at Benabe Hilton Hotel, Vancouver, Canada.

The congress will be divided into two parts: Chinese medicine clinical and health preserving. A dozen clinical experts and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine will give a presentation at a two-day seminar on the teaching of clinical techniques and application methods with unique efficacy and the techniques of keeping fit. The topic involves acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, herbal medicine, health maintenance and other aspects. Hundreds of Chinese medicine professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world will gather in beautiful Vancouver for a two-day clinical seminar and related training.

The International Congress of Traditional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, sponsored by the Canadian Academy of Holistic Medicine, held two sessions in Vancouver in 2017 and 2018. Focusing on the difficult and complicated diseases, the conference invited dozens of internationally renowned traditional medical experts and scholars to give lectures, and more than 800 audience participated in the seminar, taking clinical actual combat as the standard. The outstanding field demonstration of traditional medicine and its amazing curative effect has aroused strong reaction and attention from all walks of life. Chinese News Agency, Sing Tao Daily, Health Times and other major media reports, Consul General of the Peoples Republic of China in Vancouver, Governor of BC Province of Canada, Benaby Mayor, Member of Parliament, BC Provincial Councillor, City Councilor, etc. Government officials at all levels sent congratulatory letters or participated in the conference, while the official motion of BC Provincial Government designated August 5 as BC Provincial Acupuncture Day.

The characteristics of fast-paced ultra-high pressure ( UHP) in the fast-paced modern society have led to more and more complex and chronic diseases. The traditional medicine which has been passed down for thousands of years has shown simple, clear and rapid therapeutic effect in the process of dealing with the complicated and complicated diseases. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the bright pearl in the traditional medicine of the world. The International Congress of Traditional Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine Congress hopes to create an open platform for traditional medical exchange, The combination of treatment and wellness will be good traditional medicine therapy technology excavates, spreads out, creates a group of clinical practical technology superb traditional medical treatment team. So that traditional medicine, the treasure of human civilization, can be passed on and carried forward for the benefit of mankind and guide people back to a peaceful and natural life.

The WeChat Group is an open platform for WeChat talks every Saturday, and we encourage those who are highly skilled to do so to volunteer themselves, You are also welcome to recommend to us the participation of all parties, so that good treatment techniques and theories can be widely disseminated, so that more professionals can be open-minded, and the public at large have the opportunity to get close and familiar with traditional medicine, The traditional medicine excellent health preservation and treatment technology subtly into daily life, let the traditional medicine better serve the society, benefit the human, infiltrate in all aspects of the human society to carry on.

For details of the Conference schedule and registration, ticketing, training and volunteer registration, please feel free to check the official website of the Congress at We will keep you updated on the latest information. Welcome traditional medical professionals, enthusiasts and the vast number of patients with difficult and complicated diseases and related Chinese medicine companies to sign up to attend the conference discussion, professional training, free consultation and product exhibition!

Organizing Committee of the General Assembly: E-gmail, WeChat qingcheng545445

Contact person: Ms. Tao/Ms. Wang 1604-620-1908

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