The theme of the International Conference on Traditional Medicine & Wellness(ictmhw)

Updated: Jun 19, 2018


The theme of the International Conference on Traditional Medicine & Wellness:

Human health requires traditional medicine that encourages science, the TCM colleagues, and all the Chinese health enthusiasts. The Second International Conference on Traditional Medicine & Wellness will be held in Vancouver, Canada on August 11-12, 2018 hosted by the Canadian Institute of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research (CICAMR).

The first International Conference on Traditional Medicine & Wellness was successfully held in Vancouver, Canada in April 2017. Many of the industry experts gave speeches and trainings. The majority of the participants expressed that they were fully-harvested and that they are looking forward to the arrival of the second grand event.

In the spirit of charity, focusing the benefit of the people, the sponsors of the conference are determined to continue to run the ICTMHW with an attitude of compassion, humility, gratitude to benefit the people.

Canadian International Conference on Traditional Medicine & Wellness characteristics:

1. Focus on diseases that are difficult to heal and focus on scientific health care and wellness.

2. Experts who are invited have an abundant experience and unique curative skills including those representative experts in some research directions. The professional direction covers all aspects of acupuncture, massage, herbs and health care.

3. The experts are focus on the essence and core content. During the concentrated lectures and discussion time, they paid attention to teaching, imparting methods, and techniques with good results in clinical diagnosis and treatment. During lunch and dinner, the audience could consult the experts for free. After the conference, a clinical training class by expert representatives will be organized to strive for more benefits for each participant.

Related academic activities are rich in content and have plenty of communication time.

The organizing committee hopes to promote the overall level of professionalism in all TCM practitioners through the platform of the ICTMHW. With this conference, the whole team strives to establish a new image of Chinese medicine to the public and radiates the Chinese medicine to the whole world. Sun Si-Miao, the medicine king, said: "If a doctor treats a disease, he must be determined with a calm mind and a strong will. He has no desire and no pursuit. He begins with the mercy of the great compassion, vows to save the suffering of the spirit. If there are ill people he must not care if they are rich or poor, old or young, beautiful or ugly, complaining relatives or good friends, ignorant or wise. He should treat them without hesitation like they are closest relatives. No matter night and day, summer and winter, hunger and thirst, we are all devoted to the rescue. Do not behave in order to express your own medical skills, and do not express yourself to allow others to praise. Only by doing so, it can be a great doctor for the people; otherwise, it would be a hypocritical cheater."

Compassion is the first factor for doctors. Some people may think of traditional culture. Regardless of which ethnic group's excellent traditional culture is to teach people to be compassionate and good, it is a positive energy. This positive energy has spanned over a thousand years and is still influencing, guiding, and sustaining. The spirit of the billions of people and the power of compassion are great. "Healers with Parents' Heart", this sentiment is genuine. This is the spirit of Chinese medicine that we are currently calling for.

International Conference of Traditional Medicines on Health and Wellness
Acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine

At present, all human beings' confusion about modern life and the pursuit of a healthy life once again push Chinese medicine to the world stage. This is an inevitable trend of the world trend and is also the historical mission of Chinese medicine. The conference aims to build a platform for all medical personnel, enthusiasts and supporters who love and develop the cause of traditional Chinese medicine to have a learning and communication platform, and to illuminate a bright light for everyone interested in Chinese medicine. Open a fresh window for all people who do not understand TCM. All people are welcome here to discuss and feel the profound and interesting charm of Chinese medicine. All members of the Preparatory Committee are very honored to be the first batch of volunteers to participate in the preparations for this conference. We also hope that more TCM practitioners and enthusiasts from around the world will actively participate in and support them. We also look forward to seeing you during the meeting. And guidance will make our event more successful. The Preparatory Committee sincerely advocates that all TCM practitioners and the majority of TCM enthusiasts in the world join in. All TCM organizations are welcome. All TCM clinics are joined. Let us organize this conference well and welcome everyone to join hands together. Held annually after the International Conference on Traditional Medicine. At the same time, all the people interested in Chinese medicine are also welcome to join. Everyone learns from each other, helps each other, exchanges ideas, and improves together. Although the capabilities of each of us are limited, as we move into the trend of development of traditional Chinese medicine in the world, the physical and mental realm of each of us will be continuously improved.

         Chinese medicine is the essence of the Chinese nation. When each of us is seriously advancing ourselves under the guidance of the spirit of Chinese medicine, the real prosperity of Chinese medicine will come. This will not only bring more peace and happiness to the people of the world, but also give us Children of the Yellow Emperor brought more Ende and Fuhui. The status of Chinese medicine in the world today is the result of the hard work of numerous seniors. Let our generation thank them for their inheritance. In ten years, twenty years, fifty years, or even longer, Chinese medicine will enter a more comprehensive and prosperous era. We sincerely hope that our compassion, humility and gratitude today will make the whole world a better place.

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