Dr Jiao Shunfa

head acupuncture inventor

Jiao Shunfa
Head Acupuncture Inventor
Professor, Chief Physician, Doctoral Supervisor.
He is currently the Chairman of the Professional Committee of the World Federation of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
He was Director of Health Bureau of Yuncheng Prefecture, President of Yuncheng District People's Hospital, President of Acupuncture Society of Shanxi Province, Executive Director of China Acupuncture Association.
1960 Began Neurosurgical Learning, Clinical and Research Work.
In 1970, he invented the "Head Acupuncture" and won the Grade A prize in the 1986 National Major Scientific Research Achievements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Invented in 1976 "A new method of treatment of encephalopathy by carotid drip and its spread throughout the country
Application. In the past 50 years, extensive researches have been made on the clinical and theoretical aspects of acupuncture and treatment of diseases, and it has been found that acupuncture and treatment in China is a great medicine with excellent theory, excellent method and magical effect.
He is the author of Scalp Needle, Jiao Shun Hair Needle and Carotid Drip Solution for Cerebrovascular Disease, Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion Studies Seeking Truth, Chinese Acupuncture Soul, Acupuncture Principle and Clinical Practice, Acupuncture Sutra, Reading Classic Essays of Chinese Medicine, "Acupuncture for Treatment of Diseases", "Magic Acupuncture Path", "Acupuncture for Nerve Treatment of Body and Limb", "Needle Path", "Acupuncture for Treatment of Disease" and more than 10 monographs published and distributed.