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2018 Vancouver canada
Enjoy the wonderful moment of the Conference:

Spreading & Advancing Traditional Medicines

Promoting Efficacy of Clinical Practice

Developing Chinese Medicine Technology

Why should I attend?

A collection of world-class Masters demonstrating newly developed techniques

Learn from their experiences and witness the magic of Traditional Chinese Medicines

Powerful presentation and on-site demonstration making learning easier

Conference and training sessions complements each other that you can use

to further your clinic success


This is a World Top Level Conference on Traditional Medicines and Acupuncture

an opportunity you will not regret to get!

Continuing education credit certificate is available for the conference. 8 hours per day.

Prof. Guan-Yuan JIN  MD,C.AC
World Renowned Doctor & Acupuncture Expert;Pioneer of Systems Medicine & Acu-Reflex Point Acupuncture(ARPA)
Prof. Chao-Wei HU  TCMD
Chief Expert of Hu’s Micro Acupucture & Hu’s pulse-based acupuncture
Prof San-Hu WANG
Chief anti-cancer expert with classic herbal prescriptions
Dr. Liang-Chuan LIN  TCMD
Chief Expert of Lin’s Orthopaedics in Taiwan
Well-known Expert of multiple techniques of acupuncture and Tuina massage
Dr. Cheah Ah Kow  TCMD
Chief Expert of Eye-Acupuncture
Dr. Zhong-Hua FU  PhD
Chief expert of Subcutaneous FU’s Acupuncture
Prof. You-Ping HU  TCMD,PhD
Chief Expert of Superfacial Meridian Acupuncture
Dr. Xi-Rong WU  TCMD
Famous Expert on Gynecology & Pediatrics
Dr. Shi-Xiao ZHAO  TCMD
Chief Expert of Advanced,Mini-Traditional Chinese Herbal Prescription
Prof. Yang NIU  TCMD,PhD
Chief Expert and Chair of Hui Medicine Committee, WFCMS
Prof. Li-Guo ZOU  MD
Chief Expert of Acupotomy Medicine, WFCMS
Prof. Sheng Chun LU  MD
Chief Clinical Expert of Acupotomy Medicine, WFCMS
Dr. Michael Cheung  TCMD,PhD
Famous Expert of Tung's System Acupuncture
Dr. Xiao-Ji LI  TCMD,PhD
Famous Expert in male and female Fertility of TCM
​Wendy Lang  Prof
American Expert of Health and Wellness on Medical Qigong

Miss Hui-Ping MA
Expert of Organic Wolfberry
Swami Daya Mata  Ms
World Famous Yoga Master
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Who should attend?

Doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturists, other TCM Practitioners, School Teachers, Researchers, any other form of Health-related Medical Workers Students, and the General Public who is interested in traditional medicines and health care.


Free consultation and assessment are available for public.


August 11-12,2018

(Sat & Sun)9am-9pm


Element Vancouver Metrotown

5988 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby,BC V5H 2A7, Canada

The 3rd ICTMHW
2019 Vancouver

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