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August 11(Sat)-12(Sun),2018

Check in  8:30am

Conference  9:00-13:00,14:00-18:00,18:30-21:00


Chinese & English simultaneous translation



Element Vancouver Metrotown

5988 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC, Canada,V5H 2A7

Expert Speeches

The conference will invite top experts to give speeches and on-site demonstration. The Experts will introduce and share their experiences and special techniques using traditional medicine methods, such as, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tuina massage, Chinese medicine in orthopedic therapy and diet therapy, in prevention and treatment of commonly seen clinically challenged illness.


Our vision

Charity for the benefit of the people

Reducing suffering and increasing happiness

Our goal

Liberalism for medical science and  life for the people, integration of outstanding knowledge for the past sages, and health protection for humankind


Canadian Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Canadian Ankang Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture Rehabilitation Center, Central College, Human Body Space Medicine Institute Inc. ,World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies Federation Medical Professional Committee, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies Needle Knife Professional Committee, World Association of Chinese Medicine Societies Subcutaneous Fu's Acupuncture Committee, World Chinese Medicine Association Chinese Herbal Medicine Quality Professional Committee, China Shengchun Hospital Group, Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aceso Trading Co. Ltd.,BG Acupuncture Clinic


Canadian Ultra-micro Acupotomy, Acupoint Catgut Implantation Institute,Bema Botanical Solutions Ltd,Canadian Yan Chinese Medicine, Quebec College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Saskatchewan Chinese Acupuncture Society, Jiangsu South Chinese Medicine Industry Research Institute Co., Ltd., Nanjing Haichang Chinese Medicine Group Co., Ltd., AMX Service Ltd etc.

Shenzhen Hua Run San Jiu Medicine Trading Ltd.

Hua Qing Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.

Organic Desserts Catering


​Deling Red Wolfberry


Expert Speakers

World Renowned Doctor & Acupuncture Expert;Pioneer of Systems Medicine & Acu-Reflex Point Acupuncture(ARPA)

Chief Expert of Hu’s Micro Acupucture & Hu’s  pulse-based acupuncture

Chief anti-cancer expert with classic herbal  prescriptions 

Chief Expert of Lin’s Orthopaedics in Taiwan

Well-known Expert of multiple techniques of acupuncture and  Tuina massage

Chief Expert of Eye-Acupuncture

Chief expert of Subcutaneous FU’s Acupuncture

Chief Expert of Superfacial Meridian Acupuncture

Famous Expert on Gynecology & Pediatrics

Chief Expert of Advanced,Mini-Traditional Chinese,Herbal Prescription

Prof. Yang NIU


Chief Expert and Chair of Hui Medicine Committee, WFCMS

Chief Expert of Acupotomy Medicine, WFCMS

Chief Clinical Expert of Acupotomy Medicine, WFCMS

Dr. Michael Cheung


Famous Expert of Tung's System Acupuncture


Famous Expert in male and female Fertility of TCM

​Wendy Lang


American Expert of Health and Wellness on Medical Qigong

Expert of Organic Wolfberry

Swami Daya Mata


World Famous Yoga Master

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