Dr. Cheah Ah Kow


Chief Expert of Eye-Acupuncture

The Honorary Chairman and Special Advisor of the Malaysian Chinese Medicine Association, Dr. Cheah Ah Kow, has over 40 years of clinical experience in ophthalmic acupuncture therapy. He helped relieve and cure countless numbers of eye disease patients, and was invited multiple times to give speeches abroad on the topic of ophthalmic acupuncture therapy; of which all have received high ratings. The opthalmic acupuncture therapy provides special curing effects to diseases such as Glaucoma, eye floaters, cataract, dry eye, lacrimation, retinis pigmentosa, macular degeneration and other complex ophthalmic diseases.

 Dr. Cheah Ah Kow’s Job titles:
Honorary President and Special Advisor of the Malaysian Chinese Medicine Association
Dean of Malaysian College of Chinese Medicine
Malaysian Chinese Acupuncture Doctor Association Academic Advisor
Tongshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Supervision
Vice President of China’s WTO Professional Committee
Malaysia’s Famous Chinese Medicine Doctors’ Award for Outstanding Contribution to Traditional Chinese Medicine