Prof. Chao-Wei Hu


Prof. Hu is the chief expert of Hu's Micro Acupuncture & Hu's pulse-based acupuncture. He is the father of Ultra-micro-acupotomy and pulse-based acupuncture.

Professor Hu received the title “Specialized Experts in TCM Clinical Practice” in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. In 2002, he was awarded the title of “Famous Doctor of China” by the Chinese Traditional Medicine Association and was recorded in the “Famous Doctors of China Dictionary”. 
Dr. Hu is the 7th-generation successor of the famous Ye family -- a household of acupuncture practitioners.  Dr. Hu’s acupuncture method is based on the idea of “Instructing medicine with benevolence and let the effect speak for itself”. It has the advantages of shorter treatment, quicker effect, wider range of diseases and conditions, and solid effects on both symptoms and root cause. It has shown immediate effects on many difficult-to-treat cases.
Dr. Hu is also the author of "Round-Sharp-Needling Therapy" or "Ultra Micro-acupotomy Therapy". Dr. Hu's acupuncture method breaks through the old way of “treating where it hurts”. According to the idea of “pain point” treatment, it first determines at what posture of what movement does the pain occurs, and then analyzes the participating muscles of the movement or the muscles involved to maintain the posture and then it decides on the treatment based on the anatomy.
Dr. Hu's “Pulse-based Acupuncture” method also has an immediate effect in treatments.